Saturday, December 4, 2010

Commission Terms of Service

All potential clients must read and agree to these terms of service before any commissioned work is accepted.

1. I will only do artistic nudity. I will not draw detailed genitalia or anything sexually explicit.

2. Payment is due up front, in a timely manner. If I do not receive payment within three days I reserve the right to cancel your commission or bump you to the bottom of the queue.

3. Major changes may only be requested during the sketching phase. Major changes include: different layout, addition of characters, different settings, etc. Minor changes may be requested during the painting phase. I do all of my work digitally, so changes are relatively easy to make, depending on how soon they are requested.

4. Any sketches I do during the project will be for the client's personal use. My art may not be coloured or finished by another artist without my permission. The client may use these sketches/unfinished art as references for other commissions, icons, or any other personal uses.

5. I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time. If work has not yet begun, the client will receive a refund in full. Otherwise, the client will receive a refund based on how much work has been finished.

6. I reserve the right to: post commissioned art in my online galleries, sell prints, or advertise. However, commissioned art featuring original characters that I do not own will not be sold as prints.

7. Any work done for independently-published projects such as comics, flash games, or card games may be subject to royalty fees, unless rights to the art is sold.

My standard procedure for anything other than sketches is as follows:

- After payment is received, I will do a number of layout sketches for the client to choose from.

- When a layout is selected, I will do a more detailed sketch. For reference sheets I will do a number of character expressions for the client to choose from. The client may keep these sketches and use them however they wish, as long as it is for personal use only.

- I will continue to post in-progress images to make sure the client is happy with every aspect of the piece. Any changes may be requested at this time.

So, what can you use the commissioned art for?

Anything, as long as no money is being made from its usage. Artwork may be used for badges, icons, banners, or anything else. Artwork may not be republished, recoloured, or resold for profit. The client may repost any commissioned art or sketches in their online galleries as long as credit is given.

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