Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ferry- 8.5x11 glossy - $5.00

Red Dragon vs. Knight- 8.5x11 bristol- $3.00

Vulture necromancer- 8.5x11 glossy- $5.00, 8.5x11 bristol- $3.00, 11x17- $15.00 (one left)

Volcano dragon- 8.5x11 bristol- $3.00, 8.5x11 glossy- $5.00, 10x10 glossy- $15.00

Chinese Ships- 8.5x11 bristol- $3.00, 8.5x11 glossy- $5.00, 12x18 matte (can be printed to order)- $30.00

White Tiger- 8.5x11 bristol- $3.00, 8.5x11 glossy- $5.00

Black Dragon- 8.5x11 bristol- $3.00, 8.5x11 glossy- $5.00, 10.5x12.5(approx)- $15.00 (2 left)

White Dragon- 8.5x11 bristol- $3.00, 8.5x11 glossy- $5.00

Close Call- 8.5x11 bristol- $3.00, 8.5x11 glossy- $5.00, 11x17- $15.00 (one left)

All bristol prints are 4/$10 and all glossy prints are 3/$10. Shipping for the 8.5x11 prints is $4.00, shipping for all others will be determined upon purchase.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pilotfox commission

I started with a few different sketches for the client to choose from, using a Sketchup model as the reference for the plane. I liked the first one, but it wasn't the best composition to include a character in. We decided on the second sketch. My biggest concern was that the composition was too much like the piece with the jet (Treize's commission).

I decided an early morning scene would help with that issue. The sky is just starting to lighten in the background, making the scene rather dark in the foreground.

I decided to redraw the plane at this point. I think it fits the perspective much better, and it's more interesting being larger and closer to the viewer.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Treize commission

Original sketch, mostly just to get an idea of where the figure and jet were going to be.

Moving things around, attempting to fix the contours and perspective of the jet. Ended up having to get some better references. I downloaded a Google Sketchup model to do some practice sketches from.

Started colouring and adding textures in the foreground. I realized there were some perspective issues with the buildings, so I got rid of them temporarily.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two WIPs

I'm sensing a theme here.