Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Graphic Design projects 1-3

My first few projects for Graphic Design for the Illustrator. I'm taking this as an independent study, so I'm kind of off doing my own thing. I decided to follow up a project from Illustration 4, the four images for an album, and create the album art for it.

The image on the inside of the case, beneath the CD, would be the same image on the CD itself, to "complete" the image while laying in the case. I plan on making a mock-up with the images on the actual case.

I also did an article, again following up on a piece I did in Illustration 4:

And, I'm doing a series of Magic Cards:

I actually traced a real card in Illustrator to get my own template. The symbols in the top right corner were taken from an image I found on a Google search, and I downloaded the Magic font from a site. I'm still missing a few of the symbols in info for the bottom and middle right part of the card, but I'll get to that later.

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